Friday, September 1, 2017

Friday Photos

Potting Shed truck for sale

It's Friday. It's been a long week. So here are some photos.  The tour starts at Bennington Parkway/Finnegans Lane intersection heading south, turning to Route 27 North at Route 518. Click here for slide show

Site of a house on Rt 27 close to Finnegans Lane intersection

Between Bennington Parkway and Clover Place

Potting Shed property for sale at Clover Place intersection

Building for lease that once was Franklin Park's post office, more recently a shoe repair shop

See above caption

Had been site of a historic building, Franklin Park Inn, more recently was Chauncey's Pub

See above caption

Lot for sale just south of Beekman Ave., near Franklin Montessori School

A little further south

On Route 27 North side now, north of Rt 518

Just south of Claremont, an apartment building that could be converted to retail space

See above caption.

Liz Kiesche

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